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What is gel polish

Gel polish, also known as gel nail polish, gel nails, and gellack, is a type of nail polish that cures under UV or LED light to create a durable and glossy finish. It differs from regular nail polish in its longer-lasting nature and resistance to chipping.

På billedet påføres et afsluttende lag top coat på et flot sæt lyserøde gelenegle.

In the picture, a final layer of top coat is being applied to a beautiful set of pink gel nails.

Gel polish consists of a liquid gel-based formula that contains color pigments and cures when exposed to UV or LED light. It is applied to the nails in the same way as regular nail polish but requires subsequent curing under a special nail lamp for a few minutes to achieve complete drying and hardening. Additionally, gel nails are built up in several layers, starting with a base coat, followed by a color coat, and finally a top coat.

The advantages of gel polish include its ability to provide a smooth and flawless surface that can last longer than regular nail polish. It tends to be more resistant to chipping and can often remain intact for up to two weeks or even longer without significant wear.

To remove gel polish, it is typically necessary to use a special nail polish remover or perform a professional removal with a Soak Off Remover. This process can be more time-consuming compared to regular nail polish removal because gel polish has a more durable structure. We always recommend using Nailie's removal kit, which includes everything you need for a gentle removal of your gel nails.

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Why gel polish has become popular

Gel polish has become popular due to its many advantages and characteristics that set it apart from regular nail polish. In addition to providing beautiful nail results, gel polish starter kits offer the opportunity to easily and quickly do your nails at home. This is particularly appealing because it allows you to save a lot of money on frequent visits to the nail salon.

The most common reasons why gel polish has become so popular primarily include:

Increased durability of nails

One of the most remarkable features of gel polish is its long-lasting durability. Once cured under UV or LED light, it creates a strong bond to the nail that is more resistant to chipping and wear compared to regular nail polish. This means that gel polish can maintain its beautiful and flawless finish for several weeks without the need for frequent repainting.

Glossy finish thanks to gel polish

Gel polish provides a deep and glossy effect that can be more intense than regular nail polish. The gel-based formula creates a smooth and even surface, giving a professional and polished look to the nails. Many people love the luxurious appearance that gel nails provide, and with the option to mix and match colors as desired, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Gel polish dries quickly

When gel polish is cured under a UV or LED lamp, it hardens instantly, eliminating the need to wait for the nail polish to dry. This saves time and minimizes the risk of smudging and unevenness that can occur when nail polish is wet.

Nail art possibilities

Gel polish opens up a wide range of creative possibilities in nail art. Due to its longer drying time (assuming you don't immediately cure the gel under a lamp), it offers more flexibility for detailed designs, embedding glitter, or creating gradient effects. This makes it popular among those who want to express their individuality and creativity through nail designs.

Overall, gel polish is a popular and durable solution for achieving beautiful and long-lasting nail polish results, and it is a favorite among many nail enthusiasts and professionals in the beauty industry.