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Pink gel polish nails and pink clothes
Green polygel nails with green bag
Nailie package received by customer
Cute polygel nails with beautiful nail art
First time customer using Nailie gel polish start kit
Picasso style nails with many gel polish colors
Brown and simple gel polish nails
Beautiful polygel extended nails with nail art
Purple polygel gel polish nails holding a cup of coffee
Fresh nail art - abstract gel polish nail art design
Green gel polish nails holding a phone with green phonecover
Beautiful red gel polish nails holding a flower
Clean and simple pink gel polish nails
Cool 3D effect nail art with polygel
Extended pink nails with polygel and gel polish
Cool 3D cherry nails with gel polish, polygel and nail art

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Don't know what to choose or where to start?
Get inspired by these trending nail designs.

Shop the look

Don't know what to choose or where to start?
Get inspired by these trending nail designs.

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How to store nail polish correctly

How to store nail polish correctly

Are you unsure about how to store your nail polish? There are many myths and misunderstandings that can create confusion about how nail polish should actually be stored. In this...

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How long does gel polish last?

How long does gel polish last?

Are you considering getting gel polish on your nails? Or perhaps you're just curious about how long you can generally expect gel polish to last? The durability of gel polish...

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Make your own nails with gel polish

Unlock your creativity: Dive into the world of DIY nail art & nail decoration with gel polish! Discover the ultimate at-home nail transformation as you embark on a journey to create stunning, salon-quality nails with gel polish. Our step-by-step guides empowers you to express your unique style, experiment with vibrant colors, and master professional nail-techniques right from the comfort of your own space. From flawless finishes to long-lasting durability, unleash your inner nail artist and embrace the joy of crafting personalized, gel-polished nails that reflect your individuality. Elevate your self-care routine and turn every manicure into a masterpiece with the artistry of DIY gel polish application. Tip: If you're new, you can easily get started using our startkits.

Buy nail products online

Explore and elevate your nail game - Buy nail products online at Nailie! Unleash your creativity with a wide selection of high-quality nail products available at your fingertips. From trendy polishes & gels to essential tools, find everything you need to achieve the perfect nails. Shop conveniently from the comfort of your home and discover a world of colors, styles, and top-notch nail products. Elevate your nail care routine and express your unique style effortlessly. Browse our online store now for the best deals and premium nail products. Your perfect nails is just a click away and we're ready to assist you in choosing the right nail products for your needs!

What is gel polish?

Discover the brilliance of gel polish - Unveiling the secrets of long-lasting glamour! What is gel polish? Gel polish is a revolutionary nail product that combines the durability of gel and the vibrant colors of traditional nail polish. Unlike regular polish, gel polish is cured under UV/LED light, creating a long-lasting (2-3 week durability) and chip-resistant finish. Its formula provides a glossy and flawless look that can withstand everyday activities without losing its shine. Gel polish is popular for its quick drying time, allowing for a smudge-free and durable manicure. Explore the world of gel polish to enjoy extended wear and a professional salon-like finish for your nails.

Extend your nails with polygel & builder gel

Experience extended nail length and strength - Extend your nails with polygel & builder gel! Elevate your nail game with our premium selection of polygel and builder gel, the ultimate tools for achieving stunning, durable nail extensions. Explore the ease of application and versatility these products offer, allowing you to customize the length and strength of your nails effortlessly. From DIY enthusiasts to professional nail artists, discover the secrets to flawlessly extended nails with our high-quality polygel and builder gel. Transform your manicure routine and embrace the beauty of long-lasting, salon-quality results. Explore our collections now for the perfect extensions your nails deserve!

Which gel polish colors should you choose?

Nail the perfect look! Choosing the right gel polish color is essential for a good looking result - and what is perceived as good looking varies. We always recommend you wear the color you feel most confident with - express yourself! If you're struggling to decide which gel polish colors suit you best, we got some ideas for you... The most popular choices are neutral tones, bold reds, subtle pastels, dark hues, metallics and glitters or french manicure. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle neutrals, we've got you covered. Find the perfect gel polish shades that complement your style and personality. From seasonal picks to versatile year-round favorites, our curated selection ensures you'll always nail the right look. Start your color journey today!

Perfect products for your nails

Calling all nail enthusiasts! Dive into nail perfection with our handpicked essentials. Unleash your passion for flawless nails with our curated collection of the best nail products. Whether you're into vibrant polishes, nourishing treatments, or essential tools, we've got the perfect lineup for your nail care obsession. Elevate your at-home manicure experience with high-quality, enthusiast-approved products. From trendy colors to must-have tools, explore our selection to discover the key to achieving impeccable, salon-worthy nails. Your journey to nail perfection begins here – indulge your passion and shop our coveted essentials for the ultimate nail enthusiast experience. Dive in now!