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Polygel removal

Read and learn how to remove polygel from your nails correctly and take care of your nails. We guide you through the process.

It's extremely important when removing acrylic gel that you don't file into the natural nail, as one or more layers of the nail can be removed. If you over-file, the nails might become thinner and weaker, increasing the risk of breakage and cracks. Over-filing can be quite painful, and there's a risk of infection or inflammation if you file too close to the cuticles.

Never become impatient and forcefully pull or peel off the polygel. It might be tempting to just rip it off, but it will damage the nail. We must remember to take good care of our natural nails.

When using cuticle sticks or nail pushers to remove the product, it's crucial not to scrape too hard or vigorously on the nail. It should be done gently.

The remover shouldn't be left on for too long, as it can start to re-harden the product.

It's normal for your nails to feel a bit weak after removing the product. But don't worry, it's completely normal. After about a day, they'll return to normal.

Some of the products can't be soaked off, so filing is necessary.

ALWAYS remember to finish with cuticle oil.

STEP BY STEP – Polygel Removal

  1. File Top Coat, Color Coat, and about 80-90% of the product.
    Before we can dissolve the product, we need to get to the file. Remove all top coat, color coat, and about 80-90% of the polygel.
  2. Soak Off
    Take a lint-free wipe and pour plenty of our Professional Soak Off Remover onto it.

    Wrap the nail with the wipe and place our Soak Off clip on it.

    Let it sit for 10-12 minutes. It's important not to leave it on for too long, as it can re-harden the product.
  3. Gently scrape off the loosened product
    Unwrap one nail at a time and gently scrape off the product with a cuticle stick. If you unwrap all nails at once, you risk the product re-hardening.

    When scraping off the dissolved gel, it's important not to apply pressure, as it can damage the natural nail. If the product isn't dissolved enough to be gently scraped off, take another wipe and saturate it well with the remover, then apply a clip. Let it sit for a few more minutes.
  4. Lightly buff the remnants:
    If there are still some remnants on the nail, you can gently use a buffer to remove the last bits from the nail until you have a clean nail plate again.
  5. Finish with cuticle oil:
    At the final step, finish by applying cuticle oil, both around the cuticles and on the actual nail plate.