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We continuously expand our already wide range of nail products. Cause we want to be able to offer the best nail products that you can get. Theres lots of innovation in the nail-space so we are always on the lookout for new trending formulas and new products.

These are Coming products

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Electric nail file

Fast and efficiently file your nails with an electric nail file. Use it to quickly and efficiently save time when refilling nails or even to remove nails you have already made.

Small travel-size UV/LED Lamp

Be able to take a nail UV/LED lamp with you while on the go. Use it to easily cure one nail at a time, due to it's small and practical size.

Dappen dish

This small glass/cup is ideal to use when working with polygel. Use it to store cleanser inside while working with polygel, so that you can easily dip your brush into cleanser.

Drill bits

Use drill bits when operating the electric nail file. We will feature drill bits in 3 different grits (80, 120 & 180).

Nail clamp

Smart and easy to use nail clamp, that eases the process of applying polygel with dual tips.

Nail art brushes

More exciting nail art brushes will soon be available, so that you can make better nail art designs.