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How long does gel polish last?

Are you considering getting gel polish on your nails? Or perhaps you're just curious about how long you can generally expect gel polish to last? The durability of gel polish varies because there are several factors that determine whether you'll get results that last a long time. Read this article to learn more about how long gel polish lasts and what factors affect whether your results will last a short or long time.

In the picture above, you can see a set of finished pink gel polish nails. The color is Gel Polish • Barbie Pink • No. 4. Photo: Nailie.

Overall, you can expect gel polish to last up to 2 weeks, sometimes even longer. However, there are several factors that can influence the durability of gel polish, including the quality of the products used, the application technique, and how you generally care for your nails. Therefore, gel polish can generally last up to two weeks or longer. It's important to note that gel polish can start to fade and lose its shine over time, especially if your nails are exposed to wear and tear or chemicals (such as cleaning agents used in daily chores like cleaning and washing dishes).

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How to achieve longer durability with gel polish?

There are many things you can do to ensure that gel polish lasts longer. Being thorough and patient during preparation, application, and subsequent nail care will not only result in a more durable outcome but also a more attractive one for your gel nails.

Thorough preparation improves gel polish durability

Always make sure to prepare your nails thoroughly before applying gel polish. If there is old nail polish or gel polish, you should remove it first. If you fail to remove old gel polish or nail polish and simply apply a new layer on top, you can be sure that your new set of gel polish nails won't last long. This is because these old layers will loosen, and since they are the bottom layer, all the gel polish you have applied on top will also come off. Additionally, you increase the risk of infections by not preparing your nails properly before applying gel polish.

In the picture above, you can see nails that have been thoroughly prepared and are ready to have gel polish applied. This ensures a longer durability of the gel polish. Photo: Nailie

To achieve a successful preparation and thus increase the chances of gel polish lasting longer, you should always cleanse the nails with a mild nail cleanser to remove natural oils and moisture, as this can prevent good adhesion. Here's how to prepare the nails before applying gel polish.

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Quality products improve gel polish durability

It may not come as a surprise that higher-quality gel polish products have a better effect and durability than lower-quality gel products. However, especially as a beginner, it can be challenging to distinguish between the good and bad products. Therefore, always go for brands that give you the impression that they know what they are doing and exude professionalism. Feel free to ask critical questions to their customer service about why their products are better than others on the market and evaluate the answers you receive. For example, Nailie's products are EU-approved and have undergone a long evaluation process by independent professionals to ensure the highest quality. You can also try different gel polish brands, and over time, you will notice which brands are actually of high quality.

Use a high-quality base coat

In addition to the importance of quality products, the most important product is the base coat. This is because the base helps create a good grip between the nail and the gel polish, contributing to significantly longer durability. Therefore, always apply a high-quality base coat specifically formulated for gel polish.

In the picture above, a base coat is being applied to a thoroughly prepared nail before the application of gel polish. Photo: Nailie

Thin layers increase the durability of gel polish

Always apply gel polish colors in thin, even layers instead of thick layers. Thick layers have a significantly higher chance of peeling off or cracking. Therefore, be patient and refrain from applying too much gel polish at once. You can always add more layers as needed to achieve the desired color intensity and coverage.

Seal the nail tips and edges for increased durability

Make sure to seal the nail tips and edges with both the base coat and, equally importantly, with the top coat. The top coat is used as the final layer with the purpose of sealing the gel polish. By ensuring a thorough seal, you prevent water or other dirt from getting between the layers and the gel polish, which can cause damage to your beautiful result and significantly reduce the durability of your gel polish.

Cure the nails correctly with a UV/LED lamp

You should always follow the manufacturer's recommended curing time, which varies depending on the UV/LED lamp used. As previously mentioned, it's important to use high-quality products, and this also applies to the UV/LED lamp. If the nails are not properly cured, your gel polish will come off more easily, affecting the longevity of the gel polish.

In the picture above, gel polish is being cured in a UV/LED lamp, which makes the gel polish firm and thus more durable over time. Photo: Nailie

Apply top coat regularly

After a few days or as needed, you can advantageously apply another fresh layer of top coat to extend the lifespan of your gel polish nails. Applying an extra layer of top coat after a few days also helps maintain the shine on your gel polish nails. The top coat serves as a protective layer and helps prevent chipping.

På billedet påføres et afsluttende lag top coat på et flot sæt lyserøde gelenegle.

In the picture above, a protective layer of top coat is being applied, which helps the gel polish last longer. Photo: Nailie

Care for your gel polish nails with nail oil

Make sure to regularly hydrate your nails and cuticles by applying nail oil. This contributes to keeping your gel polish nails healthy and flexible, which can greatly enhance the longevity of your gel polish nails.

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In the picture above, nail oil is being applied, which contributes to healthier nails. Photo: Nailie

Gel polish durability varies

Based on the content of this article, it can be concluded that there is a significant difference in how long gel polish actually lasts. However, there are many things you can actively do to achieve a gel polish durability of 2 weeks or more. A couple of weeks is what you can generally expect, provided you have been thorough and followed the instructions in this article. We hope this can help you achieve beautiful gel polish nails that last a long time!