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Step 1
Prepping nails

Watch and learn how to prepare your nails for product application and longer lasting nails.

Step 1
Prepping nails

Watch and learn how to prepare your nails for product application and longer lasting nails.

About nail prep

This guides is the first step on your journey to make beautiful nails. Learn how to get longer lasting nails by performing a correct nail prep.

Is prepping important?

Yes! One of the most important factors for good durability is the preparation. If the product cannot adhere properly to the nail, the product will come off.

Remember that after you have done the preparation, it's important that you or anyone else doesn't touch the nail at all. Even the tiniest speck of dust can contribute to the nails not achieving the expected durability.

Why aren't my nails holding up?

One of the major reasons you might feel that your nails aren't holding up optimally is that the preparation hasn't been done properly. To achieve a superb durability, it's truly crucial that the preparation has been done very thoroughly.

How do you perform a preparation?

Here, you simply remove all the dead skin cells, cuticles, dirt, and natural oils from the nails. Once this has been done meticulously, the nails are ready for the products.

Step By Step – PREP

  • 1. Wash hands
    The first thing we need to do before we start doing nails is to wash our hands. It's a really good idea to use gloves when you begin doing nails, both for hygiene reasons and to protect your skin from the products.
  • 2. Push back cuticles
    Now we need to gently push back the cuticles, making sure to remove all the dead skin at the edge of the cuticles. If you don't remove all the dead skin, the gel polish won't adhere optimally.
  • 3. Remove cuticles
    After we have done that, we need to find our cuticle clippers, and it's important to carefully clip the cuticles.
  • 4. Buff the nail
    Next, we need to buff the nail matte. It's important not to apply too much pressure when filing, but to gently buff the surface. You can also shape your natural nail form by filing if desired.
  • 5. Cleanse with cleanser
    Now we need to find our cleanser and lint-free wipes. Then we need to apply cleanser to our wipes. We need to make sure to remove all dust, dirt, and other debris from the nails. If even the smallest speck of dust remains on the nail when applying the product, it can cause the gel polish to come loose. After cleansing with the cleanser, it's very important not to touch the nails to prevent the introduction of oils.
  • 6. Apply primer
    Finally, it's a really good idea to use our ultrabond primer. Apply a thin layer of primer to the nail and let it air dry for 60 seconds. Once this is done, the nails are ready for the product.