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Step 2
Gel Polish Application

Watch and learn how to apply gel polish for longer lasting beautiful nails. We guide you through the process.

Step 2
Gel Polish Application

Watch and learn how to apply gel polish for longer lasting beautiful nails. We guide you through the process.

About gel polish application

In this guide, we we teach you how to apply gel polish for long lasting beautiful nails.

Gel polish, also known as gellak, UV polish, or soak-off gel polish.

Gel polish is so popular because it lasts much longer than regular nail polish and dries faster.

The result is a smooth, durable, and shiny surface that can last up to two/three weeks.


Before you begin applying Gel Polish, please see our PREP guide.

After we have done a thorough PREP, we are ready to apply the Gel Polish.


  • If you are a beginner, I would definitely recommend doing one nail at a time. It might take a bit longer, but you'll ensure a good result.
  • Remember, if you get the product on your skin, remove it immediately with a cuticle stick or a remover pen.
  • It's important to apply all the layers thinly. If you apply a too thick layer of base coat, color coat, or top coat, the products will have difficulty curing in the machine. "Wrinkles" may also appear in the gel polish.
  • ALWAYS remember to seal the nail tip with all the layers we apply. If you don't do that, the product won't hold optimally.

Sealing the nail means applying the gel polish at the free edge, the tip of the nail. This helps protect against damage, cracks, and chipping of the product. When a nail is sealed, a layer of gel polish forms a barrier that prevents water, dirt, and other substances from penetrating.

Sealing the nails is important as it can help prolong durability and maintain the appearance of your nails.

Step-by-Step - Applying gel polish

Read how to use our gel polish basic kit step by step.


Step 1

Push up your cuticles. Make sure to remove all the dead skin at the cuticle edge with our cuticle remover/pusher.


Step 2

Use the cuticle clipper to gently trim the cuticles.


Step 3

Buff the nails lightly on the nail plate until they become matte. Optionally, file the nails into the desired shape.


Step 4

Take a wipe and thoroughly clean the nails with plenty of cleanser. After using the cleanser, it's very important not to touch the nails or allow dust/dirt to come into contact with them. This can cause the gel polish to loosen.

Base & color coat

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of base coat, and it should cure in the UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Base & color coat

Step 6

Apply the chosen color in a thin layer. It should cure for 60 seconds under the UV/LED lamp.

Base & color coat

Step 7

Repeat the application of the color one more time.

Top coat

Step 8

Apply a layer of top coat.

Top coat

Step 9

Let it cure for 60 seconds under the UV/LED lamp.

Nail oil

Step 10

Finish by massaging the nail oil around the cuticles and the skin surrounding the nails.

Before gel polish

Before picture

Once you have prepared your nails by following the first 4 steps, your nails should look clean and neat.

Finished result (gel polish)

After picture

Now you're ready to enjoy your beautiful natural nails. The color is 'Barbie Pink No. 4'.