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Our brand

About Nailie

Nailie was born out of a passion for beauty, creativity, and confidence.
Confidence to be yourself and explore nail styles.
Everybody deserves beautiful nails.

We understand nails. Our goal and mission is to give everyone the opportunity to style their nails and express their looks through beautiful nail designs. In a cheap and responsible way.

As nail professionals and with experience as salon owners, we believe that we are the safest choice for you. Our products have been carefully chosen and our education material and guides are based on professional experience and best practices.

Meet the team

CAROLINE K. Petersen

CEO & Co-Founder

Kristian Kalajdzic

COO & Co-Founder


Office dog

Caroline K. Petersen & Kristian Kalajdzic.

About us

How it started.

When passion for nails and amazing customer experiences meet, magic happens.

Caroline owned a nail salon in Silkeborg, Denmark and worked for several years as a nail technician. However she experienced an increasing demand for nail education concurrently with the rising popularity for DIY nail solutions.

She wanted to start her own nail brand, but needed help to make it happen. On her journey she partnered up with Kristian, who has thorough experience with design, economics, software and customer experience.
It was a match made in heaven.

Caroline's favorite simple gel polish nails: Barbie Pink No. 04

Everyone is unique

We embrace diversity.

No hands or nails are alike. Nor should they be. Let's embrace different styles and looks, let's express ourselves with the colors and designs we love.

We want you to feel confident with who you are and be able to express yourself in whatever way makes you confident.

As seen in:

Be part of the community

We want to make our Facebook community to be a place where everyone with interests in nails should feel welcome.

Join now, get inspired, ask questions and share your creations.

We work for impact

We know that we are a small brick in this large world. But we believe in our ability to leave a meaningful imprint, to inspire, and to create moments of beauty and joy.

"BEST products and BEST customer service. ❤️😍 Love the colors, as well as the quality of the products. You can really feel that there is love put into the products from Nailie. 🤩 "

– Camilla K.

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Pink gel polish nails and pink clothes
Green polygel nails with green bag
Nailie package received by customer
Cute polygel nails with beautiful nail art
First time customer using Nailie gel polish start kit
Picasso style nails with many gel polish colors
Brown and simple gel polish nails
Beautiful polygel extended nails with nail art
Purple polygel gel polish nails holding a cup of coffee
Fresh nail art - abstract gel polish nail art design
Green gel polish nails holding a phone with green phonecover
Beautiful red gel polish nails holding a flower
Clean and simple pink gel polish nails
Cool 3D effect nail art with polygel
Extended pink nails with polygel and gel polish
Cool 3D cherry nails with gel polish, polygel and nail art