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Gel polish colors from Nailie - Beautiful and good looking gel polish bottles


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Gel polish • Purple Lavender • No. 07

129,00 kr

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Gel polish • Dusty Grey • No. 08

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About our gel polish colors

Gel polish colors are a product category of nail polish specifically designed to provide a long-lasting, high-gloss finish on your nails. These colors are made from a special gel formulation that cures under UV or LED light, resulting in durability that can last up to three weeks. Our gel polish colors come in a wide range of shades and hues to suit every style and occasion. From classic reds and neutral tones to bright pastels and deep, dark shades, you can find the perfect gel polish color to complement your look.

Beautiful gel polish colors from Nailie

Express yourself with our wide variety of diferrent gel polish colors. Choose from many diferrent gel polish colors that you will love to decorate your nails with. We continously expand our assortment of perhaps the best gel polish colors available. Dive into a world of gel polish colors and be confident that we will have the perfect color for your look and style. Nailie is a Scandinavian nail product brand, we started in the small town Silkeborg located in Denmark. If you plan on travelling you are always welcome to pick-up your gel polish colors from our warehouse. We do what we can to offer the most beautiful gel polish colors available for nail enthusiasts.

What is gel polish?

Gel polish is a type of nail polish that is cured or hardened under a UV/LED lamp in only 60 seconds. It is a popular choice for nail enthusiasts and professionals because it tends to offer a longer-lasting (often 2-3 weeks) and more durable finish compared to traditional nail polish. Overall, gel polish has gained popularity for its durability and aesthetic appeal, especially in comparison to traditional nail polish. Read more about gel polish: What is gel polish?

How long does gel polish last?

Gel polish often lasts for about 2-3 weeks without significant chipping or peeling. This is one of the key advantages that make it popular among those looking for a longer-lasting manicure. Proper application, including thorough preparation of the nails and correct curing under a UV/LED lamp, contributes to the longevity of the gel polish. Following the application instructions carefully is crucial for achieving optimal results with gel polish.

Gel polish colors that comply

We have taken measures to guarantee that our gel polish colors comply with laws that protect consumers. All our products are registered as cosmetic products in Europe and experts have helped us ensure the quality of our gel polish colors and other products in our nail assortment. Therefore you can rest assured that we comply to all regulations that in the end are put in the world to protect you. And we care for our customers.

A large variety of gel polish colors

We offer a large variety of gel polish colors, and we most probably have the right gel polish color for your taste and style. If by chance we don't have the gel polish color you we're looking for we guarantee you that the gel polish color of your dreams will be available for you one day. The reason being that we continously expand our gel polish color options. Choose from beautiful red nuances, strong and glossy pastel colors or whichever gel polish color you find suiting your nail-style preferences.

Learn to use gel polish with guides

Are you a beginner to gel polish? We make the learning process fast, smooth and easy with our in-depth step-by-step guides. And if you're still in doubt our customer support representative sits ready to assist you with making beautiful gel polish nails, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. When you buy a gel polish start kit, you will also find a free guide is included. A perfect way to watch, read and learn while you perfect the art of making your first final nail result with gel polish. The gel polish guide included in a startkit has step-by-step instructions with pictures and text, so that your gel polish result has the highest possibility of being a very good looking result. Please note: Practice makes perfect and as with everything else one can always become better, so keep making beautiful nails and find yourself doing it with more ease for every try.

Use it instead of regular nail polish

Regular nail polish has it's advantages. Some of them being the quick and easy to make results. However the upsides of using gel polish are worth taking into consideration, when you compare to regular nail polish. With the long lasting advantages of gel polish you will love it, also when you compare gel polish to regular nail polish you will quickly find that regular nail polish takes longer time to dry up, where gel polish only takes 60 seconds to dry. With gel polish you will learn to enjoy the many advantages it has when compared to regular nail polish. Regular nail polish is still a very good choice and perfect for many occasions however many choose gel polish as a favorite.