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Base coat

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Achieve beautiful, long-lasting nails with our fantastic base coat! 💅

Nailie's gel polish system (base coat) strengthens your nails for up to 30 days. The Base Coat is applied to the nails and cured under a UV/LED lamp. It's important to apply the Base Coat before applying gel polish colors. The Base Coat contributes to an easier and smoother application of color. 🫶

Our base coat is the perfect starting point for your nail routine and is crucial to achieving a professional and durable result. It's designed to prepare your nails for gel polish while protecting and reinforcing them. 🏋️


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Learn more about our base coat

When you're ready to get started with making beautiful gel polish nails it all starts with the base coat. Our base coat is the ideal choice if you're looking to lay the best possible foundation for the color coat and top coat. If you want to learn more about our base coat for nails, feel free to contact us.

What is base coat?

A base coat is a fundamental component of the gel polish manicure process that plays a crucial role in achieving a durable, long-lasting, and good looking result. In terms of gellak application, the base coat serves as a foundation for the entire manicure and offers several key benefits. Benefits such as; adhesion enhancement, smoothing the nail surface, protective barrier, prolonged wear and minimized lifting. When undertaking a gel manicure, the application of the base coat is typically the initial step in the process. After applying the base coat, each layer is cured under a UV/LED lamp before proceeding to the coloured gel polish and, eventually, the top coat.

How to use base coat?

Using our base coat for gel polish is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. These simple steps include; cleaning the nails to ensure they are free from oils or debris, performing a thorough prep of the nails (cleaning the nails and ensuring they're ready for base coat application), applying thin layers of our base coat to ensure quick drying of the gel, avoiding application of our gel polish on the cuticles and skin (it's very important to remove the product from your skin if you accidentaly apply it). When these steps have been done, you can proceed with applying gel polish colors and finally apply a layer of top coat. You can read our gel polish application guide for more information and best-practices on using base coat.

Long lasting nails with our base coat

When using our base coat you will experience a long lasting result, if you follow our guides and have patience in all steps of the application process. You can typically expect a long-lasting result, lasting up to 3 weeks. That's also why gel polish in general has become so popular. To ensure long lasting nail results, the base coat is definitely essential and we not only strongly recommend using it. It's actually impossible to perform a gel manicure without a base coat, since it's the product used to make the initial adhesive layer.

Base coat dries fast

Our base coat dries super fast when you cure the initial gel base layer in the UV/LED lamp it takes only 60 seconds to dry. A base coat that dries fast is a time-saving essential in nail care. The formulation in our base coat is designed to quickly and efficiently dry upon application, allowing for a swift transition to the next steps in your gel manicure routine. With a fast-drying base coat, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced adhesion, a smooth nail surface, and protext against staining without the extended wait time. This feature is particularly convenient for those seeking a quick and efficient nail preparation process, ensuring a seamless and efficient gel polish application experience.

Gellak startkits - The perfect gel polish kits

Buy bundles and save - We have made these gel polish package deals, including everything you need to make beautiful gel polish nails at home. The gellak startkits also include the base coat.

Gel polish basic kit

Everything you need to get easily started with making nails. This bundle includes a base coat. An in-depth guide is included.

Gel polish premium kit

The ultimate package for making gel polish nails by yourself. This bundle not only features everything you need, including a base coat, but also has addition nail care products. And of course an in-depth guide in included.